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The AMSI - Association of Italian Ski Instructors - was founded on 18th November 1963 by Giampaolo Frigerio, Piero Bosticco, Vittorio Carpineti, Alberto Demetz, Renato Valle and Guerrino Frigerio, with the aim of defending and promoting the ski instructor category that up till then had been controlled by the Italian Winter Sports Federation (which held a total monopoly).


Today the Association of Italian Ski Instructors represents the ten thousand instructors and over three hundred and fifty schools scattered throughout Italy, with its own territorial organisation comprising thirteen regional offices and a national one.

All skiers, starting from the smallest, can rely on a professional figure, officially recognised by the State in 1991, who has a perfect knowledge of the mountains, the ski slopes, the techniques and everything needed in order to ski safely and have fun.


The AMSI informs the whole world of the professionalism and quality of the ski instructor through many forms of promotion. AMSI's seriousness, which has been recognised for many years, is successfully combined with the great humanity and cordiality expressed by this snow professional who is considered a true friend.


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